Farewell, Adieu, Farvel, Arrivederci my Loyal Lucky

My darling sweet Lucky… what a true buddy, companion and loyal friend and family member  you have been for the past 15 years.   I regret never telling you how much I appreciated you, how special you were to me, how much I appreciated you by my side during the good times, the sad times, and the hard times; so loyal to no end.  Did I just take you for granted? I hope you never felt that.   I truly cared for you, loved you, played with you, raised you,  fed you, I gave you medicine daily (when you reminded me, morning and night), I treated you as though you were another child of mine.  Did you feel it?  Did you know how important you were to me ?

What a blessing that Stephanie picked you out of the litter 15 years ago.  You were totally gorgeous, and we fell in love with you instantly.   I can’t imagine how life would have been without you.  Stephanie was only 6 years old when we brought you home, and I’m thankful that she had you by her side all these years.

You never got angry, never growled, EVER, never answered back, never got angry with me or Stephanie,  you were just always there.  In case you don’t know, Lucky, I want to be sure you know,  that  I was there too, for you, I never left your side,  I was with you right until the end, looking right into your eyes, and reassuring you that it was OK, that you could go, and it would be ok… I promised you it would be ok, and it was, Lucky, you went away so peacefully with me right by your side.

It’s strange, Lucky, but some people don’t understand the loss of a pet.  But you weren’t’ just a pet…you were MY pet, my Confidante, my Supporter, and like Stephanie said, you were “The best secret keeper for 15 years”… Wow, you sure had a lot to listen to didn’t you ?  I’ll bet you  left with many secrets, didn’t you ? -:)

You sure were a pal when we introduced you to our sweet ‘Duffy’ (RIP), and then  again when we introduced you to Pookie.  She  is so sweet, and was a great companion to you in the house.. in fact, she became your ears, didnt’ she.  She made sure you heard the front door open, so you wouldn’t get trampled on, that it was dinner time, treat time, …  But you were special for her too… you took care of her when she was frighented by loud  noises, fireworks, thunder & lightening.  No worries, now Stephanie and  I will  take care of her for you…She also has her cousin, Dempsey .. he’s young, but he’s growing on her.  He will keep her company, and once in while, and I’ll be sure to send Pookie over to Stephanie’s for sleepovers, and Dempsey will come over here too. Thank you for allowing these lovely pets to invade your territory, but the good news is that they always knew you were the King -:) 

I remember when we left Canada and came to the U.S, in 2000, you were only 3 years old, and  a real trooper, traveling in the plane in a small bag under the seat in front of me.. …. you never took your eyes off me, and although frightened,  you just trusted me that everything was going to be ok.  Thank you for enduring the hot summers in Arizona, and sacrificing those many long walks we used to have in Canada, due to the heat.  Thank you for being wonderful with children, and anyone that came into our home.  Thank you for being our best friend, for never leaving our side, and for reminding me when it was time for your meals, your medicine, or a treat !  You never slipped, you had a memory like no other.

Your memory shall live on, I thank you, I will remember you, and no one will ever replace you.  You were one in a million, and I can honestly say that Stephanie and I could never have been any luckier than to you have you, LUCKY, in our life for all those wonderful years.  You win the prize for best pet, best friend, best companion, and most loyal.

Adieu (11:11).    xoxoxoxo


About Joyce Hazen, REALTOR, CIPS, CNE, SFR

An Arizona and Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Realtor, I am a full service professional with an International Designation, CIPS, who works with Buyers, Sellers & Investors all around the world. I have experience in both the residential and commercial communities. In addition, as a Certified Negotiation Expert I work my hardest to utilize my negotiation skills to benefit all clients. I also speak French, English and Italian. Originally from Canada, having moved to the Valley in 2000, I pay special attention to your personal individual needs and desires, to find you the home, land, or building that you’ve been dreaming of. Real Estate has given me the privilege of working with so many wonderful people and with my knowledge, tools and skill set I have been fortunate to realize that individual needs change from person to person, business to business, culture to culture, and that every request is important to you. For that very reason, when I embark on a journey, I work closely with you, whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial space, whether it is a tradition sale, short sale or foreclosure. I will help you as I am highly motivated, results driven and have taken time to research the marketplace, trends and opportunities to know how to best serve you. With my experience, culture and languages, you can rest assured that your best interests are my priority. I will help you find the home or property of your choice and professionally negotiate on your behalf. It is for these reasons that so many of my clients refer me to their friends and families. The Valley of the Sun has been one of the fastest growing U.S. metropolitan communities, Phoenix has grown tremendously over the past couple decades. Financial Institutions are working with Americans, offering terrific mortgage deals, as well as with foreign investors who are interested in purchasing second homes… the opportunities are endless. My mission and goal is to provide you with superior service. Welcoming new residents to Arizona including Americans and International clients who want to relocate permanently, a home away from home or to escape cold winters, is a pleasure! I enjoy meeting new people and always set my goals high and strive to achieve them. If you’re ready to search for the perfect property, I am here to show you the very best homes that meet your criteria.
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2 Responses to Farewell, Adieu, Farvel, Arrivederci my Loyal Lucky

  1. Candy Kaiser says:

    Joyce and Stephanie…. I am so sorry in your loss of your beloved “Lucky”….. God sent you Lucky for a reason….. Your story touched my heart and soul…. Thank you so very much for sharing…. Lucky is now in Heaven looking over your family…. Love you, Candy

  2. betty miller says:

    Joyce that was beauiful now he’s in heaven with nicki remember how they loved to play together. It’s like losing a child. love you Joyce. betty

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