Facing College Costs? Consider this Concept…

Planning all costs and expenses associated with sending  children to University !

I know I don’t need to tell you that if you are sending a child away to school in the next year or two, it’s smart to budget for it ahead of time.

There are a number of checklists available on line that will help you as you prepare to budget for the expenses college students typically face.  There are also some handy calculators available, which are a great tool  Here is an example:  Click Here

Unless you are blessed with your children having a scholarship or some form of financial aid, you have to pay in one way or another.  A great way to relieve yourself of some of the financial strain is to invest in your child’s education.    What a concept …and here’s one way you can do that !

If you find yourselves paying for rent, either an apartment or house for your children,  (hopefully shared accommodations) you may want to consider the option of purchasing a home or condo, that your children can live in, and share with friends.   The primary goal is that the rent you will collect will cover the expenses of your mortgage (if you have one), and your HOA fees.  Your children will typically go to University for a minimum of  4 years, therefore investing in a property, allows you to either generate some income during this time and/or at the very least, cover all of your costs.  You would also apply a Home Warranty coverage on the property so that any immediate needs are addressed, by a simple phone call,  given you may be out of state, and you can have a sense of relief !  Now you’re saving on Room and Board !

The next part of your investment is the actual purchase of the property.  Given that Arizona is at an all time low, it’s a perfect time to buy.  One day the prices will again go up.  When you might ask ?  I cannot answer that as I don’t have a crystal ball. But I can tell you is that we were once gravely over priced…. at the “highest extreme”… now we’re either close to or at the “lowest extreme”.   One can only assume/hope/pray that Arizona will stabilize and prices will increase to a logical price point.  Can you imagine selling your property in years to come, making a profit, and gaining back all or most of  the University costs you paid for your children’s tuition ?

Here is an example of a listing I have of a beautiful Tempe Townhouse .  It’s a lovely Townhouse with the master suite,  suitable for 2, and two more bedrooms, + 3 bathrooms.  This would surely accommodate 3-4 students.  Are the numbers spinning now  ???  ($$$)

There are options out there for us parents, we just need to think of them and get the ball rolling !  I’m happy to help, please call me anytime with questions @ 602-284-9822.

Joyce Corsi Hazen, REALTOR®, CNE, SFR
Long Realty Arizona Properties
Member of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce
Cell: 602-284-9822
Office: 623-209-2400
Fax: 623-505-4346
Toll Free: 877-477-2578 (U.S only)
E-Mail: JoyceHazen@ymail.com
Website: www.JoyceHazen.com


About Joyce Hazen, REALTOR, CIPS, CNE, SFR

An Arizona and Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Realtor, I am a full service professional with an International Designation, CIPS, who works with Buyers, Sellers & Investors all around the world. I have experience in both the residential and commercial communities. In addition, as a Certified Negotiation Expert I work my hardest to utilize my negotiation skills to benefit all clients. I also speak French, English and Italian. Originally from Canada, having moved to the Valley in 2000, I pay special attention to your personal individual needs and desires, to find you the home, land, or building that you’ve been dreaming of. Real Estate has given me the privilege of working with so many wonderful people and with my knowledge, tools and skill set I have been fortunate to realize that individual needs change from person to person, business to business, culture to culture, and that every request is important to you. For that very reason, when I embark on a journey, I work closely with you, whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial space, whether it is a tradition sale, short sale or foreclosure. I will help you as I am highly motivated, results driven and have taken time to research the marketplace, trends and opportunities to know how to best serve you. With my experience, culture and languages, you can rest assured that your best interests are my priority. I will help you find the home or property of your choice and professionally negotiate on your behalf. It is for these reasons that so many of my clients refer me to their friends and families. The Valley of the Sun has been one of the fastest growing U.S. metropolitan communities, Phoenix has grown tremendously over the past couple decades. Financial Institutions are working with Americans, offering terrific mortgage deals, as well as with foreign investors who are interested in purchasing second homes… the opportunities are endless. My mission and goal is to provide you with superior service. Welcoming new residents to Arizona including Americans and International clients who want to relocate permanently, a home away from home or to escape cold winters, is a pleasure! I enjoy meeting new people and always set my goals high and strive to achieve them. If you’re ready to search for the perfect property, I am here to show you the very best homes that meet your criteria.
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