Fulfilling a Dream and another Decade

An all Around Perfect Dream:

Who can really plan on how they are going to feel, or what they are going to feel when they turn the corner ? I guess I’m not quite sure how to answer that for anyone else but myself, and can honestly say that I decided to  not only make it a positive  experience but also plan my Dream long before it  was due and make sure it was eventful and perfect !  Some may refer to that  train of thought as the ‘power of positive suggestion’, others may say that it’s simply good planning, and others may say that it’s just being  positive.  Either way, all I can say is that I knew I wanted it extra special, and away.  I later described it as having decided to  “float it in, which, in effect, is exactly what I did.

At first plans began to shatter and fall apart… the Carnival Splendor ship we were scheduled to sail on caught fire in November and eventually canceled all January and February sailings.  Needless to say we were left hanging.  How was it that  many people scheduled to sail were successful in re booking their cruise  for  another  Mexican Coast cruise ship ?  We were not so lucky.  To top it off, we also later learned that the Mazatlan Port was closed off to the ships due to civilian issues…. so now we’re not only down a Ship, we’re down a port !  All that said, with the help of our helpful Travel Agent, Dina Holland of Rovia Travel/World Adventures, American Express Insurance, and Carnival Cruise Lines, we were upgraded to the ‘DREAMon the Eastern Caribbean by Carnival, and flown to the East Coast through the benefit of the insurance we purchased.  The  entire trip was revised, rescheduled  and organized within  days by Dina, for a 2nd time !  Now, finally, we’re off to sail on the largest Carnival Ship, sailing the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans, visiting Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Martin.  Turns out this is a sweet deal and far better than the previously scheduled trip.  My Dream is really gearing up and going into the direction I had planned.

So, “what’s in it for me???” is a fully loaded question.   Naturally, my Dream !  First of all,  I had two of the most important people in my life with me on this trip, My  Mom who gave me life, and my amazing Husband, who enhances and makes my life full.  Regretfully, my daughter wasn’t able to join us as she is attending University and the timing simply did not work, and my sister, who works and had recently taken off time and just couldn’t pull it off; but, I know they were there with me in spirit during this amazing trip.  Secondly, the environment, sharing time and space with amazing people, in amazing places; the ship itself, Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Martin, and glorious beaches !  Thirdly, having a blast with tons of great food, drinks and many, many laughs.  What more could I ask for?  That’s what was in it for me !

Not only did I share time, meals, laughs, sun, space, drinks, friendships, and much more, but I had the privilege of entering a new decade of my life, with such positivity, and eagerness that I can hardly begin to share how excited and happy I am to pursue this new venture in my life.   Isn’t it really all about feeling good, being healthy, followed by being  happy and surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, clients?  About  always trying to achieve your  goals and dreams ?   For ME it is.  I’m a firm believer in ‘you reap what you sow‘ and ‘what goes around comes around‘.  If you can remain positive, look at the future and see good things, you will strive for them and they will come to you.

I so anxiously look forward to the future and know that it can only continue to get better.  I’ve never been happier in my life with who I am, with where I’m heading, and with my past accomplishments.  I’ve raised my daughter alone, and I’m very proud of her and who she is today, I love my life with my husband, the most wonderful man in the world, I’ve grown my career and intend to continue growing it.  I want to continue growing my circle of friends and just be ME !  I’m thankful that my  Dream became a reality, and I’ll  never stop dreaming.   Cheers to a new decade in my life and many more to come !



About Joyce Hazen, REALTOR, CIPS, CNE, SFR

An Arizona and Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Realtor, I am a full service professional with an International Designation, CIPS, who works with Buyers, Sellers & Investors all around the world. I have experience in both the residential and commercial communities. In addition, as a Certified Negotiation Expert I work my hardest to utilize my negotiation skills to benefit all clients. I also speak French, English and Italian. Originally from Canada, having moved to the Valley in 2000, I pay special attention to your personal individual needs and desires, to find you the home, land, or building that you’ve been dreaming of. Real Estate has given me the privilege of working with so many wonderful people and with my knowledge, tools and skill set I have been fortunate to realize that individual needs change from person to person, business to business, culture to culture, and that every request is important to you. For that very reason, when I embark on a journey, I work closely with you, whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial space, whether it is a tradition sale, short sale or foreclosure. I will help you as I am highly motivated, results driven and have taken time to research the marketplace, trends and opportunities to know how to best serve you. With my experience, culture and languages, you can rest assured that your best interests are my priority. I will help you find the home or property of your choice and professionally negotiate on your behalf. It is for these reasons that so many of my clients refer me to their friends and families. The Valley of the Sun has been one of the fastest growing U.S. metropolitan communities, Phoenix has grown tremendously over the past couple decades. Financial Institutions are working with Americans, offering terrific mortgage deals, as well as with foreign investors who are interested in purchasing second homes… the opportunities are endless. My mission and goal is to provide you with superior service. Welcoming new residents to Arizona including Americans and International clients who want to relocate permanently, a home away from home or to escape cold winters, is a pleasure! I enjoy meeting new people and always set my goals high and strive to achieve them. If you’re ready to search for the perfect property, I am here to show you the very best homes that meet your criteria.
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3 Responses to Fulfilling a Dream and another Decade

  1. Susan Ireland says:

    Awesome. Dream a little dream of you! When you wish upon a Star, and all that jazz. Loved your blog. I needed to read this it is so positive. Thank you!

  2. Deborah Mark says:

    Your blog is so positive and uplifting! I am so happy that you are achieving such happiness and success in your life. Best wishes to you & your family!

  3. ninakillham says:

    Sensational blog, Joyce. You have much to celebrate and be proud of. And, my dear, you look fabulous! Happy Birthday! x, Nina

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